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tell1lib c-code


Your ccpc server can be updated with the newest tell1lib using the yum repository. To do so type on your ccpc server:

> sudo chroot $CCPCROOT bash -c "yum -y install tell1lib"

Use the command line command "version_tell1" to find out what software and VHDL firmware versions are currently installed.


The c-code is documented with doxygen and its generated files can be accessed at:

c-code Doxygen v4.0.1

To download the C-code from this webpage use the link given for each version released VHDL Framework. C-code and the VHDL Framwork are very closed linked together and change each with new releases.

Command Line Interface

The following command line functions are available, the option "-? or --help" is showing the options available:

bullet reset_tell1  Apply a hardware reset to all FPGAs, the TTCrx and the GBE card, includes a reload of the FPGA configuration from the EEPROM.
bullet version_tell1 Displays the tell1lib software version and the FPGA code version.
bullet cfg_tell1 Setup the TELL1 with the parameter given in the configuration file.
bullet console_tell1 The console allows you to configure and monitor all resources of the TELL1. This is the debugging tool for the TELL1.
bullet daq_tell1 Reload FPGA firmware, reset and apply the parameters from the configure file to the TELL1.
It displays all initialization options, status values and displays continuously the DAQ statistics.



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