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Research facilities at LPHE

Engineering workshop J.-R. Moser
  • Milling
    All conventional milling operations on an ACIERA-DECKEL miller up to HURON 1600 x 1000 x 1000 mm of travel
    CNC DECKEL FP 50 miller with 1200 x 600 x 500 mm of travel
  • Turning
    All turning operations on a SCHAUBLIN 102-125 lathe up to AMC 560, with a 500 x 1000 mm dia. capacity
  • Drilling
    All drilling, reaming and tapping operations on an ACIERA-FEHLMANN machine up to INVEMA FRB 1000 radial drill, Morse 4 cone, 40&nsbp;mm stell capacity, 43-2000 rpm
  • Grinding
    Internal and external grinding on an universal KELLENBERG machine
  • Surface grinding
    Surface grinding facility on a CHEVALIER machine with a 400 x 100&nsbp;mm table
  • Electroerosion
    Die-sinking and wire cut on a small AGIE Plus machine
  • Press
    One 60 tons press of 700 x 900 mm capacity
  • Shears
    1000 and 2000 mm steel sheets shears
  • Soldering
    1 PLASMAFIX solder (1-50 A)
    2 TIG solders (up to 300 A)
    1 electric arc solder (30-300 A)
    1 autogen solder
CAO: Autocad 14, Genius 14

Electronics workshop R. Frei G. Haefeli
Standard equipment is available.

CAO: Ranger
Simulation: PSpice, B2spice
Development: Renoir, Leonardo Spectrum, Model Sim
MXI2-VME Interface by National Instruments Corporation

Van de Graaff accelerator
Proton and deuteron source. Maximum high voltage: 700 kV, maximum current: 0.1 mA

See scheme.

Laboratories at Lausanne BSP A. Bay
400 m2 surface, equipped with:
  • Linux server, PC's, MAC's and printers
  • dark room with tables for optical systems
  • clean room with laminar flow table and a microscope with camera
  • electric hoven
  • hood for chemical products manipulation
  • flammable gas distribution system for gas detectors (under construction)
  • DAQ (CAMAC and VME) systems
  • tunable pulsed light system for measurements of quantum efficiency of photodetectors

Laboratory at CERN A. Bay
Used for electronic tests and detector assembly. Equiped with DAQ systems and a bonding machine.