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IPNL Publications

IPNL 89-1; Mar. 1989; P.H. Eberhard
A proposal to minimize errors due to Monte-Carlo generation
IPNL 89-2; Sep. 1989; A. Bay et al.
Tests of the Monte Carlo generator Koralz
IPNL 89-3; Jun. 1989; M. Werlen
Gluon structure function from direct photon experiments
IPNL 89-4; Jul. 1989; P.H. Eberhard
A method to find M_Z0 with little dependence on radiative corrections
IPNL 89-5; Jul. 1989; R. Weill
BGO, Luminosity Monitor, Hadronic Calorimeter, Temperature Stabilisation System (General description and user guide)
IPNL 89-6; Jul. 1989; P.H. Eberhard et al.
Suggestions concerning the tau physics analysis
IPNL 89-7; Oct. 1989; O. Schneider et al.
A simple example illustrating the "correlated Monte Carlo" Method: Estimation of the tau polarization and production asymmetry
IPNL 89-8; Dec. 1989; Bristol, etc.
Inclusive Xi0, Xi(1530)- and Xi(1530)0 Production in Xi- -Be Interactions at 116 /GeV/c
IPNL 90-1; May 1990; G. Sozzi
Comparison of direct photon production in pbarp and pp reactions at sqrt(s) = 24.3 GeV in 4 < pT < 6 GeV/c (.3< xT < .5)
IPNL 91-1; Jul. 1991; C. Morel
Pilot study for a 3D PET detector
IPNL 91-2; Oct. 1991; Ph. H. Eberhard, Ph. Rosselet
Minimizing systematic errors in sin2(Theta_W) determination from tau production and decay
IPNL 92-1; May 1992; P. Galumian et al
Feasibility of a high precision measurement of nucleon structure functions at LEP
IPNL 92-2; Aug. 1992; P. Galumian et al
A method for precise calibration of electron beam energy.
IPNL 92-3; Sep. 1992; M. Werlen
Determination of structure and fragmentation functions from hadronic collisions.
IPNL 92-4; Aug. 1992; I. Giomataris
Comments on the future B-physics in hadron machines
IPNL 92-5; R. Weill
Le système de stabilisation thermique des trois sous-détecteurs "intérieurs" de l'expérience L3 (TEC, BGO, HC)
IPNL 92-6; Sep. 1992; Ph. H. Eberhard et al
Bell Theorem and the EPR criterion of Reality
IPNL 92-7; Dec. 1992; Ch. Morel
Estimation de zones d'intérêt dans une image PET 2-D
IPNL 92-8; Dec. 1992; C. Comtat
Parallélisation de processus d'après l'analyse d'un réseau de Kohonen
IPNL 92-9; Dec. 1992; Ch. Morel
Three-dimensional reconstruction of PET data using a network of transputers
IPNL 93-1; Dec. 1992; M. Werlen
Next to leading order determination of pion fragmentation functions
IPNL 93-2; Jan. 1993; I. Giomataris, J.P. Perroud
Experimental study of an Impact-Parameter Optical Discriminator
IPNL 93-3; Apr. 1993; Ph. H. Eberhard, Ph. Rosselet
Bell's Theorem Based on EPR Criterion of Reality
IPNL 93-4; Jul. 1993; M. Werlen
Direct photon production in pbarp and pp interactions at sqrt(s)=24.3 GeV
IPNL 93-5; Jul. 1993; M. Werlen
Determination alpha_s and the gluon distribution using direct photon production in pbarp and pp collisions
IPNL 93-6; Jun. 1993; P. Oberson
Comparison of direct photon production in pbarp and pp reactions and determination of Lambda(4,MS) and the gluon structure function
IPNL 93-7; Jul. 1993; Ph. H. Eberhard, Ph. Rosselet
Minimizing Systematic Errors on Measurement of sin2(Theta_W).
IPNL 93-8; Nov. 1993; M. Werlen
Review of new direct photon results (D0, E706, UA6, WA70)
IPNL 93-9; Nov. 1993; M. Werlen
QCD results from direct photons at UA6 and WA70
IPNL 94-1; Feb. 1994; C. Comtat, Ch. Morel
Approximate reconstruction of PET data with a self-organizing neutral network