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I am a retired (from April 2014) physicist from the Laboratoire de Physique des Hautes Energies de Lausanne ("LPHE"),

which is a part of the of the Institut de Physique de l'Energie et des Particules (IPEP), a unit of the School of Basic Sciences (Facuté des Sciences de Base)  

at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Lausanne (Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Teaching. From October 2001 to december 2013, I have teached (General Physics I and II) Physics for first year students in Biology and in Geo-Sciences at the University of Lausanne and, from October 2003 until the end of the spring semester 2014, am also teaching "Fondements Physiques des Techniques Biomédicales" which is an optional course for the second year students in Biology. For a very long time I was in charge of the laboratories of Nuclear and Particle Physics for the 3rd year and 4th year (optional) students coming from our Faculty at the Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

From March 2003, I am invited professor at the "Filière francophone de Physique corpusculaire et Applications" of the National University of Hanoi (Vietnam).

For newcomers in Particle Physics, I may suggest the
  Particle Adventure
  Explore the Atom
  Basics of Space Flight
  Cambridge Astronomy
  Windows to the Universe
  Hands-on Universe

Researches I have participated in. Our research activities are located at CERN.

  The CERN agenda gives the coming events for the current year.

  • I have spent some time in the search for neutrino oscillations at the NOMAD experiment

    (Neutrino Oscillation with a MAgnetic Detector).

      It is now established that neutrinos do oscillate and, hence, that they do have mass!
    Neutrino oscillation is a quantum physics phenomenon in which a neutrino created with a defined lepton flavour can be detected with a different flavour. The probability of this detection gives the so-called mixing angle and its periodicity the mass difference of the neutrinos propagation eigenstates.
    The research is now focussed on the determination of the mass hierarchy and of the absolute mass scale. Possible studies of CP violation in the neutrino sector are also foreseen.

  • LPHE present experiment is LHCb at CERN, the main goal of which being the study of
      CP violation in the B0 meson system. Other topics about B physics will also be covered.
      A general public page of LHCb can be found here.

  • I am now concentrating on our collaboration with the Hanoi University of Sciences which has a group working on the LHCb experiment.

  • An overview of Particle Physics in Switzerland can be found at the CHIPP site.

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