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LHCb Inner Tracker: Silicon option

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Inner Tracker

The LHCb group of EPFL has contributed to the construction of the Inner Tracker. This LHCb subsystem is made of silicon sensors, and placed close to the beam-pipe.
  • Design pages of the Inner Tracker.
  • Production pages of the Inner Tracker.
  • Tracker pages at LHCb web.
  • Pictures of some old prototype tests.
  • LPHE 2009-012 Performance of the LHCb Silicon Tracker with first data, (pdf file),LHCb-CONF Note 2009-035, Matthew Needham et al. - Oct 2009
  • The LHCb VELO analogue transmission line. A. Bay, (LPHE, Lausanne) , J. Borel, (LPHE, Lausanne) , J. Buytaert, (CERN) , S. De Laere, (LPHE, Lausanne) , R. Frei, (LPHE, Lausanne) , G. Haefeli, (LPHE, Lausanne) , P. Koppenburg, (LPHE, Lausanne) , L. Locatelli, (LPHE, Lausanne) , O. Schneider, (LPHE, Lausanne) , F. Zehr, (LPHE, Lausanne) . 2010. 7pp. Published in Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A614:34-40,2010.

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